Return of the Chaos Masters

Night Five

Master Fisherman????

The Party spent a week shopping and upgrading stuff, they got their next mission, to go to a penal colony island and investigate why there has been no communication from them in 3 weeks.

While traveling on the ocean, Firefox used his survival and fishing gear to feed the ship daily.  Unfortunately, he also caught a large water elemental, and he also immediately attacked the creature, causing it to get very angry very quickly.  The creature responded by slamming Firefox twice leaving him with 4 HP.  Izzik, self-sacrificing for the party, tricked the elemental into allowing Firefox to get way to heal.  Sadly, as the rest of the party arrived to help, the elemental slammed Izzik and launched his nearly dead Tengu body across the ship.  Elizari killed the creature with the Game's first triple 20. 

Firefox had shown no remorse for bringing the dread water demon on deck, nearly killing the Tengu companion, and as such, Istalamir, the Magus (quasi-party conscious) used command on Firefox to make him flee and run to the other side of the ship, then healed him.

The rest of the trip passed uneventfully, and the party arrived at Deepmar and was dropped off by the captain of the ship, being told that he would return in one week. The ship's crew does not believe that the party will be successful, and instead will be dead in one weeks time.

And so the next installment begins….



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